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Oracle Card Class Membership

Learn to Strengthen Your Intuition and Build the Life You Want

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Class Details:

  •  45-Minute Sessions – once per week
  •  Group Class – 25-person capacity to ensure success
  •  Yearly Membership – monthly and yearly payment plans available
  •  All sessions recorded
  •  Monthly themes aligned with the group’s needs ─ oracle card readings, customized meditations, numerology, affirmation screensavers, and more high-energy resources!
  •  Downloadable guides with journal prompts and self-discovery exercises
  •  BONUSES ─ guest teachers, exclusive community, and live-members-only high vibe jams and check-ins

Class Requirements:

  • HAVE. FUN. WITH. IT. ─ there’s no better way of enjoying who you are

Own Your Greatness

Oracle cards are a FUN, simple and effective divination tool to strengthen your intuition muscle and receive higher guidance when you are feeling withdrawn, stuck, overwhelmed, alone and curious. Readings are a way to play with different energies so you can start to open your consciousness to be more aware of what your intuition is giving you and what your soul has been trying to communicate with you.

THE ORACLE CLASS ™ MEMBERSHIP is a safe and sacred space for cultivating more inner peace along with the group support you need to evolve. Your energy, your spirit, your souls calling must be protected by not being misplaced. This is an up-lifting community where you can recycle your negative thoughts into positive actions. A place of free-thinking, creativity, imagination, and PLAY.

This membership is for the changemakers, visionaries, entrepreneurs, mothers, and all other soul-led individuals who need extra insight into their lives to improve their reality and gain the confidence to do so. Each session is an ACTIVATION FOR YOUR SOUL – messages that awaken you to the realization that you have opportunities of abundance everywhere. With the stresses and monotony of everyday life, it’s easy to forget that the Oracle itself is YOU.

Embrace Your Worthiness and Celebrate Your Soul’s Purpose

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By providing your contact information, you agree to receive updates about the ORACLE CLASS, and other updates from Michele Julian. Unsubscribe at any time.

Knowing your souls’ purpose helps you rediscover your magic - who you are, what you do, how you do it, and why you do it. Once you have clarity on your innate strengths you can effortlessly create the life you want because it will flow from your innermost self.

When you live in alignment with your purpose, you’re better equipped to make strategic decisions both personally and professionally because you are more aware of the possibilities available to YOU.

This is what transformation looks like…

Chaos to Confidence

Everything begins and ends with your mindset. When you shift the perspective of what happens for you instead of to you- it forces us to slow down and get clear on what you were put on this earth to do. Your mind must be stronger than your feelings because your thoughts create your life.

Fearful to Fulfilled

You embark on a spiritual journey that is aligned with your natural energy instead of absorbing the energy of those around you.

Hurting to Healing

Release old emotions and give your inner child the healing it deserves to move forward and claim the life you want. When we are healed, we can then heal others.

Imposter Syndrome to Inner Sanctuary

This saves you the stress of trying to be someone you’re not, leaving you with abundant energy for creativity and fun. By channeling your innate strengths, you help to prevent burnout because it requires less mental effort.

Resistant to Revolutionized

You form a habit to stick with the process because you see positive results faster by being in an uplifting community with other like-minded goddesses. As you're aligned with your true authentic self, you naturally attract and discover what you stand for.

Learn how to embrace your worthiness and celebrate your soul’s purpose.

The resources for your evolving goddess journey are structured around a monthly Being + Becoming, and include delights such as:

  • Videos & Guided Meditations
  • Affirmation Screensavers
  • Downloadable Guides with Journal Prompts and Self-Discovery Exercises
  • BONUSES: LIVE Members-Only High Vibe Jams and Check-Ins, Guest Teachers, Exclusive Community, and MORE!

I was honored to serve Phidia. Here is what she had to say about our work together:

“I am the most priviledged person to have worked with you. You connect with people, and you connected with me at my level and gave me the patience that I needed and the room to be vulnerable. You were passionate about my success and you went above and beyond to get me to the place that I felt confident. I feel I have a sister in you. We built a deep relationship, greater than just business. God bless you and may you continue to touch lives.”


Manifest inner peace with us from anywhere!


So, here’s my question for you, goddess: Are you ready to take full advantage of your unique strengths to unlock your true, remarkable potential? If so, this membership is a journey of a lifetime and why I created the Oracle Card Class - to help Goddesses like you not only appreciate your gifts but also make the most of them with a soul-led community to cheer you on.

You’re never locked in time – so here I am handing you the key to your enlightenment. The world needs you at your brightest because when you share your shine with others, they’ll be inspired to spread their light too.

You Will Have the Practical Steps to Tap into Your Intuition to Live in Alignment with Your Purpose 

Join The Waitlist Now

By providing your contact information, you agree to receive updates about the ORACLE CLASS, and other updates from Michele Julian. Unsubscribe at any time.

Learn this process of releasing old stories that hold you back from claiming the life you want.


you’ll receive curated resources, aligned practices, powerful tools, and the support you need to help you evolve and strengthen your inner peace voyage and discover your unique goddess knowing with a sense of purpose of the highest good for all.